AIMKid / MK Life


What’s been cool about your life in France?

My life here has been really cool because we have gotten to go to many different places, like Italy, up some mountains, to castles and to old towns ‘n’ stuff.

Do you travel all the time?

We don’t travel all the time but sometimes we travel with my dad to go to Bible School or for conferences in other parts of France.

What do you do MOST of the time?

When I’m home, I usually do school during the day except for weekends and during the summer we usually go to the lake to swim and go to church (of course) every Wednesday and Sunday.

What do you do at church?

On Sunday I play drums for worship music and then we usually have Sunday School. After church I usually talk with my friends that I have here. On Wednesday, my dad usually gives a Bible study and we still do music for worship.

What do you miss most about Canada?

Whoa! There’s a lot of things… we could probably make a book about that!

The TOP 5 things I miss most are:

  1. My friends
  2. My church (MissionPoint)
  3. Tim Horton’s
  4. Queen’s Buffet
  5. Parties at Martha’s House


Th… Th… Th… Th… Th…… That’s all folks!