So today I’m going to talk about school. And I know I do my blog on my souvenirs that I get around France or Italy or just around the world, but today I’m going to talk about school.

So when I started school in September I was talking like ‘BoN-jOuR’ but now I can talk with friends and teachers but when it was the first couple weeks I could not talk at all. And really I do not know how I did it in the first weeks and months.

So I know how to speak and all that jazz but you might be asking how I got friends, well I don’t want boast but they came to me because I’m Canadian and I’m in a French school.

Pro Tip … if you want friends just go to a foreign school

Ok… that was just a joke

To get to school in the morning is hard for me, but for my brother it is like nothing. It’s hard for me because I’m a night kid, not a morning kid. Another hard thing is that in North America, school ends at three o’clock but in Europe we get off at five o’clock, but we do get off at noon on Wednesdays, so that makes it better.

In the first couple months the teachers took it easy on me because I am Canadian mostly English and they still take it a little easy on me sometimes. Want to know what my best mark ever was?

While I’ll just say it an it was twenty out of twenty.
………………………………in English. 🙂

The last thing I’ll tell about school is that I’m class president and my French best-friend (because I still have a Canadian best friend) is vice president. This is how it happened…


The class separated in two so the girls and the boys could each vote for their representative. They did the boys first, everybody voted and my friend and I got twelve votes each. The class voted again but just for me and my friend, then I got twenty votes and my friend got five votes so I became president.

This is me and my France best friend…

That’s all for today. Now you know a little bit more about my school experience.

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