Euro2016 Soccer

So today I’ll share with you my souvenirs from the Euro Cup, a soccer tournament where 24 countries from all over Europe compete for the grand prize. This year it was in France in 10 cities around the country.

IMG_1434I didn’t get to attend any games and I only saw one on TV. It was the final game between Portugal and France. That game was held in Paris but I saw it in Belgium at my Nonno & Nonna’s house (Nonno & Nonna means Grampa & Grandma in Italian).

So the game… lets start at the start of the game when, in the first 16 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo who was Portuguese, hurt his leg 2 times. After that he rage-quit and didn’t play the rest of the 2 hours. After that I was sure that France was going to win. But in the end Portugal won.

What was my reaction you ask?

… Oh nothing serious… I just screamed my brain out!

Now let’s talk about my souvenirs….

SOUVENIR 1: Coke ZeroIMG_1859.PNG

My first souvenir was a stainless steel CocaCola bottle that has the words EURO2016 and, of course, CocaCola on it. It has a soccer ball painted on it with the colours of the French flag which are white, red, and blue. Then the rest of the can is black. Dominic (my brother) has the same thing but in red, not black .

I got the can at Auchan, a local grocery store.

I like this souvenir because it has the shape of a glass Coke bottle, but it’s actually stainless steel. Because of the metal, when I first got it and it had been in the refrigerator… it was soooooo cold!  It felt like I was swimming in the water of the Arctic Circle!

SOUVENIR 2: PoweradePowerade, Euro2016, UEFA

My second souvenir was a Powerade bottle that has the word Powerade written in a rectangle and in that rectangle was also written EURO2016. Behind the rectangle was the French flag .

The other things written there is that it is the official sports drink of the Euro.

Cool! The French flag is officially everywhere!

SOUVENIR 3: More Coke!Coke, Coca-Cola, Euro2016, UEFA, Mamadou Sakho, Mamadou, 5

(Because you can never have too much Coke! …well, maybe)

My last souvenir was a coke can with, of course, EURO2016 and the famous Coca-Cola logo. Not only that, but there was also a picture of a French soccer player – Mamadou Sakho (#5) and his signature.

This one came from Pât-a-pain, a local bakery… it’s sort of like French fast-food. My dad was there for lunch one day and brought it back.

How cool would it be to have your picture and signature on a can of Coke!?  I mean, really?




Photoshop is great!

Thanks Daddy-o!

2 thoughts on “Euro2016 Soccer

  1. LOVE the souvenirs. Definitely things you need to keep FOREVER. Thank you for sharing.
    Your Missionary friend across the pond


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