Paris, France (#1)

Before I get to my souvenirs I want to talk about this lady on of the Eiffel Tower, another tourist, who was “as sharp as a marble!” Why do I say that? Because she was overheard to say that Paris is the “country” of love… Paris, a country!?  That’s like saying that Africa is a country.

And speaking about the Eiffel Tower… that’s what both of my souvenirs are about today:

Souvenir #1

The first of my souvenirs from Paris is a coin with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on one side and “Monnaie de Paris” on the other side. Monnaie de Paris is like saying “The Royal Canadian Mint”… the place where coins are struck.

eiffel tower, paris, france, souvenir, coin, monnaie de Paris

On the edges it’s really cool because it has France written in different languages like German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic. On the side that it shows the tower it even says Tour Eiffel on the edges.

It’s special to me because I actually bought it right on the Eiffel Tower; not on the very top floor (it was closed when we went) but on the second floor where there is a gift shop.


paris, eiffel tower, AIMFrance, France, souvenir, gold

Souvenir #2

My other souvenir from Paris is a souvenir Eiffel Tower. I really like it because I asked my Dad to get me one sometime when he was there or I could maybe get on the next time we were in Paris.

Not long later, on Christmas day, I opened my stocking and one of the presents was this Eiffel Tower. My dad even remembered that I wanted a gold-coloured one! I saw it and I was so happy that I finally had it because, if you go to Paris, how can you not get an Eiffel Tower souvenir!?



So both of these came from Paris (of course). We have now been there a couple of times. In fact the last time we were there was just about a week ago when we took my mom and Sophie to the airport to go to Canada for a few days.

Paris, Place de la Concorde, Pollux, MK Ministries, MKs

We went to the city after the airport and Dominic & I scootered while Dad walked our dog Pollux.

We saw gypsies who were begging for money near the outside part of town and they wanted to wash the windows of cars stopped at the light. Luckily… they didn’t want to do ours.

When I go to Paris, I really like to get cotton candy or crêpes with Nutella in them. They’re good!

Thanks for looking at my souvenirs!

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