Pisa, Italy

For my second post I’m gonna share pics of my souvenirs from Pisa, Italy: a block of glass with the three monuments (the Leaning Tower of Pisa , the Duomo – or cathedral –  and the Pisa Baptistry) and a fancy spoon.

Cool Glass:


I love it how people can carve monuments inside the glass without breaking the glass and ever since I got that souvenir, I still don’t know how people can do it without breaking
the glass.

Before I get to my other souvenir I want to talk about going the Leaning Tower of Pisa and having pizza right by the tower.

The Tower:

When I went up the tower I thought it wouldn’t be hard but i was wrong. It was hard to climb because it’s leaning and the worst part of climbing was this: the way it was leaning, every time you come to the leaning side, you look out the window and instead of looking “out” you’re looking “out & down” at the same time… freaky!  When I got to the top I can’t describe how happy I was. At the top you look out at a bunch of buildings (not all that cool) but they are Pisa Italy buildings… cool! There were also some really large bells at the top… because, after all, the leaning tower was built to be the church’s bell-tower.

The Pizza:

After we got down the tower, having a pizza was awesome! First of all, because I was starving; second, because of all the walking we did that day, and third, because it was so hot out I felt like I was in the Sahara desert!  (and THAT’s pretty hot!)


The Spoon:

My other souvenir from Pisa is a spoon with a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the end… (the non-curved end). Even on the curved end of the spoon, it has this really cool design.


We were in Pisa because we were on vacation for a few days (and don’t even ASK me how BORING the drive was to get there!  Why shouldn’t you ask? Because it took about 12 hours).

skyway, monte bianco, mont blanc, courmayeur, vallée d'aosteMost of the trip was boring, but we started going through the Alps at night so we saw the outline of these HUGE mountains against the dark skyline. That was my first time ever going through mountains. It was so cool!

And on the way back we got to go on a ski lift up Mont Blanc. Definitely VERY cool! It was so high that it took us almost a half and hour to get to the top!  (It was about 3km in the air)

And THOSE are my souvenirs from Pisa, Italy.

(goodbye in Italian)



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